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Building and constructions using natural materials is one of the way to reduce the ecological footprint at the same time creating the favorable conditions for human health. The Erasmus+  project “At home with nature” aimed to revive and try to promote people to use old traditional building methods. This is also the way to know better culture, past and traditions. Natural materials are very important in educational process for formation the understanding about connection between Nature and Human also impact on each another.

Activities of ecological gardening nowadays are presented as opportunity not only to grow own food, but also as a way to unite with the aim to reach common community and civilian goals. The fostering of community garden teaches people about responsibility, cooperation and also it gives knowledge about the growing process and to understand the quality of food. At the same time the garden becomes as a part of community, which unite people of different age and this situation forms positive conditions for self-education when increasing the level of the communication, searching and sharing information skills also exchanging experience.

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships adult education project “At home with nature” project idea was inspired by observing the situation about increasing needs of educators to have the simple and clear educational material which could be helpful to educate the environmental skills of adults (especially low skilled). Please find below the result of project partners careful work – practical guide for adult non-formal environmental education:

Lithuanian version – Book LT

English version (not edited) –  Book EN

Hungarian version – Book HU

Turkish version – Book TUR


Information prepared for the Erasmus + program supported project „At home with nature“. This project is funded by the European Commission. This information reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use of the information contained therein.


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