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At 27th of July the final Erasmus+ „At home with nature“ conference was organized. The topic of this conference was based on eco-building and eco-gardeni ( especially community gardening).  Beside the five experts who presented, 20 people took part in the program.

Elemér Szentpétery, Chairman of Hungarian project partner organisation opened the program who presented the project, its aims, the implemented programs and its results. The representatives of  Lithuanian and Turkish partners joined the conference via skype. They presented their achievements and implemented programs.

There were two professionals presenting of eco-building methods: Miklós Buzás spoke about traditional Hungarian adobe houses and how these buildings could be saved; Gabriella Révész, represented Hungarian Straw building Association, presented good practices of strawbale houses from Hungary.

In the second part of the program the focus was on community gardening.  Béla Gyulavári presented some examples from rural areas about how the people use this method.  at the end of the program Elemér Szentpétery discussed with 3 gardeners about how they can manage community gardening in a big city, what its effects on the urban people, and they spoke about also methods they use. Finally most of the people from the audience joind the discussion.


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