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This training is for activists, especially from Central and Eastern Europe, to learn new methods and tactics in direct action. Workshops will include Planning and Taking Action, Affinity Groups, Blockading and Lock-on Techniques, as well as exploring methods and techniques to help you share these skills with others. We aim that participants will feel confident not only to use the learned tools in their campaigns, but also to run workshops themselves after the training.

Some members of training collectives Tripod (UK) and Re.Generation (Romania) will participate in the training.

We believe that the ability to participate in the training should not depend on financial situation, so we applied to some funds in order to cover part or the whole amount of travel costs, but this is not guaranteed yet.

It is necessary that participants commit to the whole training period.

If interested, send the application to actiontraining.lithuania/AT/ FRIDAY, JULY 19 the latest, with answers to these questions:

1.Your Name or nickname, age and email address. With which gender do you identify yourself with?

2.Where are you from? Where would you be traveling from to the training?

3.Would you be able to cover travel and food costs yourself, if needed? Do you need any financial help to be able to participate in the training?

4.What is your level in speaking and listening in English?

5.Do you have anything you would like to tell us that would help you participate in this training? (For example, do you have access needs?).


1.What is your motivation in applying to join this training?

2.Which grassroots movement(s) and groups have you been involved in? In which ways (issues and your responsibilities)? How is the group you are involved in organized (considering hierarchy, decision-making)?

3.What is your experience in direct action?

4.Have you been using lock-ons, blockades in your actions?

5.Do you have any experience facilitating meetings or trainings for grassroots action groups?

6.What would you like to improve about your skills in the groups you are involved in?

7.How do you plan to use, what you have learned in this training? Be as specific as possible and consider if you will have time for these plans. 8.How did you hear about this training (website, mailing list, etc.)?

EXTENDED application deadline: July 23

We aim to let you know if you have a place on the course by the end of July.

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